Your company emails are getting lost in this unread blackhole.

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Stop wasting time and energy with marketing emails that aren't being seen. FextPush will help you communicate your message to customers with precision and clarity.

What Does FextPush Do?

Build your community with automated daily texts - Workouts, motivation, education, spiritual quotes; anything you think your customers will find useful. You set the content and the schedule, FextPush does the rest.

Keep everyone in the know - Broadcasts keep your customers up to date with short and to the point news and offers. All but guarantee your message will be seen with a 98% read rate.

Measurable results with trackable links - Measure your customers engagement with the content you are sharing.

Be efficient with your messaging thanks to contact lists - Organize your contacts into custom lists. Keep your communication effective and efficient by making sure the messages you are sending are reaching the right customers.

Keep the conversation going - With the ability to receive replies you can keep the conversation going and continue to build a relationship.

Keep it personal with a 10 Digit number - Reinforce the personal relationship by not using a short-code number. Your customers are receiving real messages from you, not a machine.

FextPush has flexible billing so you don’t pay for what you don’t use.

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